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Product Name: Surfactant for Soaking Degreasing Agent
Product model: RQ-222H L-3 L-3-1 RQ-139E RQ-139CE
Product characteristics: The cleaning power has unparalleled advantages of NP and OP; the product has good durability; excellent anti-hardness and water resistance, and adapts to a wide pH range;

Spray degreasing

Product name: Surfactant for spray degreasing agent
Product model: HA-11F HA-13 HA-18 RF-10K-36 RF-10K-40 HG-40
Product features: No silicone, no defoamer, excellent water washability and matching, good compatibility with silane ceramicization, also very suitable for precision cleaning, no adverse effects on the post-process, very suitable for electrophoresis, powder Pre-treatment of various coatings such as liquid paint;

Dewaxing and degreasing

Product name: Surfactant for dewaxing water
Product model: RQ-511EH DH-11 DH-12 RQ-511D RQ-511E
Product characteristics: The wax removal effect is very good, which is much better than triethanolamine oleic acid soap, 6501, 6502, 6503 and other common surfactants;
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